Driving License MCQS for Exam Page 2

What should one do while turning the vehicle?
Turn the side light
Lower the speed
Look both sides
All of the above
Answer: Option

What kind of vehicle should be prioritized?
Vehicle moving downward
Vehicle moving upward
Both of them
None of them
Answer: Option

What should one do either to lower or increase the speed ?
Change gear
Press or release accelerator
Both of them
None of them
Answer: Option

Which lane of the road should be used while driving vehicle at higher speed ?
Middle Lane
Side Lane
Both of them
None of them
Answer: Option

In general, when should one turn on the headlight?
Day Time
Dark/Night Time
On seeing traffic police
On having accident
Answer: Option

What do we understand by temporary route permit ?
To drive on the permitted road only
To get permission to drive on the road which is not stated on the regular permit
To get permission to drive along the local road
To drive time and again
Answer: Option

What shouldn`t be done before you get driving license?
Not to drive the vehicle
Not to sit in the vehicle
Not to buy vehicle
None of the above
Answer: Option

What should one do to his or her vehicle while the VIP vehicle is on the road ?
To stop and give way
To blow horn
To drive vehicle
All of the above
Answer: Option

How should one behave to the traffic police when she or he stops the vehicle showing your fault?
To insist that you haven`t done anything wrong
To run away from the traffic police.
To realize your mistake politely.
To make other drivers your witness insisting that you haven’t done anything wrong
Answer: Option

How much fuel should be better to put in the vehicle?
Only a little
Half Tank
Fill the tank if fuel is finished
Full tank if possible
Answer: Option

What kind of vehicle isn`t allowed for use in public transportation?
Private vehicle
Public vehicle
Tourist vehicle
All of the above
Answer: Option

What do you mean by conductor/steward/attendant?
One who drives
One who has got license to drive
One who assists in vehicle
All of the above
Answer: Option

What kind of vehicle has L sign?
Government vehicle
Learner's vehicle
Diplomatic vehicle
Public vehicle
Answer: Option

How would one signal while overtaking the vehicle ahead?
Requesting him/her to stop by phone
Gesturing with hand
Blowing Horn
None of the above
Answer: Option

For what purpose should the looking glass be used?
To overtake
To back
Both of them
None of them
Answer: Option

What quality should a driver have?
Sweet speaking
All of the above
Answer: Option

What should be done for safe journey?
Follow the traffic rules
drive randomly
Drive speedily
All of the above
Answer: Option

What should be done while driving if anything is not visible during rain?
Switch wiper
Speed up
Stone the vehicle
Blow horn
Answer: Option

In which gear should the vehicle be parked on sloped road?
No 1 gear
No 3 Gear
Back Gear
No 5 Gear
Answer: Option

Among the following options, which one isn’t in electric vehicle?
Silencer pipe
Answer: Option

What kind of vehicle is it when it has Ba 1 Ba number plate?
Private motorcycle
Government motorcycle
Corporation's motorcycle
Rental motorcycle
Answer: Option

Among the offices mentioned below, in which office should one pay vehicular tax?
Internal Revenue Office
Custom Office
Transport Management Office
Excise Duty Office
Answer: Option

What should be done if embossed number plate doesn`t work ?
To change it as one likes
To change after submitting an application at Transport Management Office
To change after repairing
All of the above
Answer: Option

What kind of vehicle is it if it has ma 1 ng ?
Private car
Corporation's jeep
Answer: Option

What is it called if the vehicle is registered in two or more than two person’s name?
Vehicle registration
Joint vehicle registration
Vehicle buying or selling
Vehicle ownership
Answer: Option

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